Requirement Analysis

In many small companies, line of business managers, as well as COOs, and sometimes even CEOs are in charge of defining the requirements of an IT solution, allowing for better business alignment (in larger enterprises, this responsibility is placed with the CIO and his staff). Once the requirements are set forth, it is the responsibility of the CTO to :

  1. Clearly understand the requirements and ensure that there are no ambiguities.
  2. Work with the line of business manager (the project owner) to verify the assumptions being made, and that solution can achieve your business objectives.
  3. Add requirements which are not immediately apparent, especially non-functional requirements, such as security and operational issues.
  4. Confirm that the processes, controls and technologies chosen for the IT solution development project is viable and economical in the long-term, and above all, that it is the right choice for the company.

Kamiya Consulting’s Requirement Analysis Service is our newest service offering which will allow your company to offload these tasks in a cost effective manner. Given your requirements (don’t worry, it can be as simple as a sketch or a one-liner), our consulting team will produce a requirement document that is suitable for a RFP, and help you successful execute the RFP process.