Requirement Analysis

In many small companies, line of business managers, as well as COOs, and sometimes even CEOs are in charge of defining the requirements of an IT solution, allowing for better business alignment (in larger enterprises, this responsibility is placed with the CIO and his staff). Once the requirements are set forth, it is the responsibility of the CTO to :

  1. Clearly understand the requirements and ensure that there are no ambiguities.
  2. Work with the line of business manager (the project owner) to verify the assumptions being made, and that solution can achieve your business objectives.
  3. Add requirements which are not immediately apparent, especially non-functional requirements, such as security and operational issues.
  4. Confirm that the processes, controls and technologies chosen for the IT solution development project is viable and economical in the long-term, and above all, that it is the right choice for the company.

Kamiya Consulting’s Requirement Analysis Service is our newest service offering which will allow your company to offload these tasks in a cost effective manner. Given your requirements (don’t worry, it can be as simple as a sketch or a one-liner), our consulting team will produce a requirement document that is suitable for a RFP, and help you successful execute the RFP process.

Infrastructure Management

The key to managing IT infrastructure is the economical and timely scaling of resources according to financial and service demands. Our Infrastructure Management Service allows you to make that happen. We will help you design, implement, maintain and operate an IT infrastructure that is:

  1. Highly scalable, using CDNs and cloud computing services to augment physical resources as necessary.
  2. Highly available, building redundancy into every aspect of the network, including applications, services, connectivity, and power.
  3. Quickly recoverable, by utilizing near real-time synchronization technologies.
  4. Easily manageable, with full remote management capabilities.
  5. Constantly monitored, both for performance issues as well as security violations.

Without a stable infrastructure, even the best IT solutions are bound to fail, as the monetary and performance inefficiencies will break any gains that you may have made in the application logic. Give us a call, and let’s make sure you have the right footing.

Solution Implementation

When the overhead of building an internal team is prohibitive, our IT Solution Implementation Service can help you cut your time and cost to market. The key differentiation factor for our service is that, instead of just delivering a piece of software or a bunch of hardware, we help you create and run solutions that will solve problems and allow you to meet objectives.

Our teams are lead by project managers who have cut their teeth creating solutions for start-ups with low budgets, and we have worked hard to create an environment where our young engineers can enjoy pouring all their energy towards delivering projects successfully.

We are able to handle almost every kind of IT systems development work, ranging from the development of full-scale enterprise systems to the design of rich interactive user interface applications. Here are some of the things we can help you with.

Our engagements are generally fixed-cost projects, with costs for project management and support (= bug fixes) for one year after release built-in. We will also try to accommodate minor changes to requirements, even after the project is kicked off. While our rates may not be competitive with off-shore outsourcing vendors, we are confident that the quality of service can not be beat at our price.