Our Vision

The CTO’s responsibility, in terms of IT, is to ensure that the implementation, maintenance, and operation processes for all IT solutions are optimal for the business. To deliver on this promise without forcing individual stakeholders to make too many sacrifices (and therefore make them unhappy) is undeniably a tall order. Candidates and budgets that will allow businesses to hire someone for this task are hard to come by.

That is where we come in. Kamiya Consulting will provide “CTO assistance” services to your company’s CTO, CEO or line of business managers. The services will enhance the quality of IT related processes, which will better align IT investments toward achieving your business objectives.

(In some companies, the role of the CTO is handled by a VP of Engineering. The difference, as far as we are concerned, is only a formality related to the corporate governance structure in place.)

Our Philosophy

IT projects (or any project for that matter) with happy stakeholders will succeed. And vice versa: successful projects have happy stakeholders. Therefore, it is imperative to consider happiness as a key success factor in any IT project.

Happiness of IT projects is measured by:

  • Contribution to each stakeholder as an individual.
  • Life-work balance for each stakeholder as an individual.
  • Contribution to long-term financial success of line of business.
  • Contribution to society as a whole.

We will do everything within our power to ensure that these requirements are met responsibily in the projects that we are involved with.

Some of the key aspects for this are:

  1. Trust and Transparency:
    We will trust all of our stakeholders, and therefore, our company, and the projects we work on, will be transparent. Information will be shared freely among all stakeholders, and every effort will be made to ensure that the information is understood. In return, every stakeholder must be diligent and make every effort to be trust worthy.
  2. Respect and Ownership:
    We will respect the appropriate ownership of each aspect of the project by the stakeholders. For our customers, the project’s ownership is clearly in their hands (as well as their shareholders), and we will make sure that their long term interests are served first, and not ours. For project team members, the skills they learn and put to use are placed in balance with their careers and private life (= financial rewards), and all are treated just as importantly as the end product for the customer.

We realize that no organization can ever be perfect: the best that we can do is continue to strive for perfection. And that is a promise we make to our customers, to ourselves, and to your customers.

Our Skills

It is our responsibility to have a deep understanding of IT best practices and solutions, and to stay abreast of cutting edge developments in the industry. Here are some of our key skill-sets:

  • A broad range of computer language experiences, ranging from light-weight scripting languages, such as PHP, Ruby, and Perl, to industrial-strength mission-critical languages, such as Java and C++. We also have experience with traditional languages such as COBOL.
  • MVC frameworks for rapid development of web applications.
  • Web oriented architecture
  • Clustered databases
  • Scalable and highly available infrastructure
  • Object oriented design
  • TDD, agile, SoC